Testing the textism plugin

Dont mind me, I'm just testing textism and html input in Blojsom using Chronicle lite.

h2. This is a title

h3. This is a subhead

This is some text of dubious character. Isn't the use of “quotes” just lazy writing — and theft of 'intellectual property' besides? I think the time has come to see a block quote.

bq. This is a block quote. I'll admit it's not the most exciting block quote ever devised.

Well, that went well. How about we insert an old-fashioned hypertext link? Will the quote marks in the tags get messed up? No!

“This is a link (optional title)”:http://www.textism.com

An image:

!/common/textist.gif(optional alt text)!

# Librarians rule
# Yes they do
# But you knew that

Some more text of dubious character. Here is a noisome string of CAPITAL letters. Here is something we want to _emphasize_.
That was a linebreak. And something to indicate *strength*. Of course I could use my own HTML tags if I felt like it.

h3. Coding

This is some code, "isn't it". Watch those quote marks! Now for some preformatted text:

	$text = str_replace("


","",$text); $text = str_replace("%::%

","",$text); $text = str_replace("%::%","",$text);

This isn't code.

So you see, my friends:

* The time is now
* The time is not later
* The time is not yesterday
* We must act

Ah it does work and only requires a small amount configuring. Great stuff…


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