Ignorance of technology

I dont know it kills me everytime. Its a struggle and I'm just lucky to be young enough to see it as a challenge, I guess…

How long do these people in a creative sector such as design expect to exist in this field if there ignorance of technology is what it is? I cant answer that one at all. I wont go into detail, protect the innocencent and all that.
But ravensbourne prides its self on its technology influence, I mean its core to the colleges mission statement. And we want to bring this the fore front with the move to greenwich by 2006.

So why oh why do these people see _technology_ as a extra bit? It drives me nuts, then it only gets worst. Miles said it best today when he pointed out a example. The example is difficult to explain in the abstract, but consists of people pretending to embrace the technology (would be more than there jobs worth not to) but then fighting the rapid change of technology in there usual hours of work.

Its nasty to believe the percentage of such people! Anyway, I hope its all making sense.
I just wish these people would do there research, you know try and understand, try and learn even a little. Not just dismiss everything as thats too technical or thats coding.

Anyway, yes it will be very interesting to now see how things go now the educational boards are asking for information online and the like. I even got passed a document on the 'freedom of information act'.
See if these people did there research they would natrually understand how things are moving forward. Open source movement and open exchangable format. Is there anything else to get?

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