Describing pictures using rdf

Oh my goodness, I dont believe what I am reading. It started off by reading Steve Cayzer's blog. And before I knew it I had 4 tab open looking at different sections in this area.

I truely can not point out how amazing this really is. I've always thought of wrapping images up in xml, not embedding it in. Actually tell a lie, I didnt think it was possible? think of things as if your in the matrix. its just code, so why not?
Anyway heres the w3c rdf photo site outlining the spec. Seriously it brought tears to my eyes.
The goals of the project are partially personal, partially to promote W3C technology. The personal reasons are that we, the authors, have large numbers of photos but always have difficulty finding the exact ones that we want to show to somebody. Digitizing them and describing them in RDF should make it quicker to find the ones we are looking for at any moment.

So what does this all mean? Well in the case of david mark's project os david. (see david if you used xhtml instead of flash, i could link directly to the project, and if xpointer was working fine I could quote directly from your own text).
David has wrapped up his images and videos with xml and wrote a very beautiful interface to navigate around the data. Now if we applied this, we could query the images themselves rather than xml documents.
However one of davids problems was calculation speed, so he used a xml database. Which makes me wonder if there are any databases which support images but wont destory the rdf? Now that would be a good project for someone.
Also on the same tagent, what would photoshop or something like that do to this rich rdf data? I know it kills camera data.

Rdfpic, a real working application written in java, hoping to experiment with it over the weekend
The other side, jpegrdf, getting the data out.
Now if someone wrote a serializer for cocoon which did this, I would be xstatic. And why not? its written in java, sure some one will work it out soon.

There is also talk of intergration into Adobe's Extensible metadata platform which I havent looked at for over 3 years now. Will have to spend more time looking into this later.

All this also bring me back to thinking about Annotea which is a advanced annotation/note>
Anyway yes I would like to experiment with this too, specially now they have a client built into Mozilla – Annozilla
Have a look at how powerful this could be Screenshot from current version

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