HP demos BlojsomIT!

HP have just realeased a demo of there blogging app, blojsomIT!. At the moment it does a small amount of things but the next step SemBlogIT! looks to be really powerful and clever app which could come in useful later.

I have set it up for testing here. Obviously you need a user name and password to use it unfortually. But you can try out HP's own here.

I hope to add some serious feedback once I try it out over time.

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Syncing my 3g phone

Ok i'm little pee'd off with my 3g phone at the moment. I have quickly realised that the Nec e606 has bluetooth and not my e808. So I have to sync everything over a pain in the arse usb cable.

And that would be great if it actually worked. But at this moment it doesnt. It moans that the phone is locked and I will not beable to transfer anything. So even after looking through the pdf which are the cd, and following the procedure to the exact letter, it still does not work.

Has anyone had this problem before? It doesnt look like it, but its a new phone and 3g is only in a few countrys at the moment. So I could be waiting ages for help.

What also drives me nuts is that there are very few specs on the phone its self, is the browser a wap, xhtml, chtml browser? I have no idea, all i know is that I cant seem to connect to any other websites or wap sites. Maybe its a walled garden, but why would they provide a enter url option?

I have no idea, all I know is I cant install any j2me files at this moment.

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Testing the textism plugin

Dont mind me, I'm just testing textism and html input in Blojsom using Chronicle lite.

h2. This is a title

h3. This is a subhead

This is some text of dubious character. Isn't the use of “quotes” just lazy writing — and theft of 'intellectual property' besides? I think the time has come to see a block quote.

bq. This is a block quote. I'll admit it's not the most exciting block quote ever devised.

Well, that went well. How about we insert an old-fashioned hypertext link? Will the quote marks in the tags get messed up? No!

“This is a link (optional title)”:http://www.textism.com

An image:

!/common/textist.gif(optional alt text)!

# Librarians rule
# Yes they do
# But you knew that

Some more text of dubious character. Here is a noisome string of CAPITAL letters. Here is something we want to _emphasize_.
That was a linebreak. And something to indicate *strength*. Of course I could use my own HTML tags if I felt like it.

h3. Coding

This is some code, "isn't it". Watch those quote marks! Now for some preformatted text:

	$text = str_replace("


","",$text); $text = str_replace("%::%

","",$text); $text = str_replace("%::%","",$text);

This isn't code.

So you see, my friends:

* The time is now
* The time is not later
* The time is not yesterday
* We must act

Ah it does work and only requires a small amount configuring. Great stuff…


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