AMD 64

AMD Ready To Rock MML2 With Athlon 64!
Mobile & Desktop Version Of Athlon 64 For All To See
Perhaps the most anticipated announcement at MML2 is AMD's intention to show publicly, for the first time, the Athlon64 desktop and notebook systems. Through what can only be described as a Herculean effort by both Philip Stein and David Makin from AMD, MML2 attendees are going to get the chance at 10PM EST this evening to see the new Athlon64 desktop and notebook systems in action.

YES you read it correctly, Desktop and Notebook with 64bit processors!
Will AMD beat apple to the first 64bit laptop?
If AMD get this right, we could be talking some serious damage in the apple and intel camps…

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Digital Shoplifting

Japan's Digital Shoplifting Plague – Fantastic use of camera phones, I love it!

It's becoming increasingly clear that we live in a world where the majority of people simply don't understand “digital”. Over in Japan, the Japanese Magazine Publishers Association is on the warpath trying to stop browsers in bookstores from taking camera-phone photos of their magazines, calling it “digital shoplifting”.
As an example, they say that a woman may flip through a magazine and see a new dress or hairstyle, and snap a photo to send to their friends to ask what they think. The magazine publishers are angry that this is (they believe) taking money out of their pockets. Of course, that assumes (probably incorrectly) that the person would have bought the magazine in the first place or that they wouldn't then go and buy the magazine anyway.
Meanwhile, bookshop employees say they'll have trouble stopping this activity, since they can't tell whether someone is just sending a text message or if they're using the camera phone.

Based on this idea, shouldn't we be forced to claw our own eyes out? Or, at the very least, have all magazines and books wrapped in black shrink wrap to prevent someone from (gasp!) actually seeing any part of it before buying. Perhaps it really is time for someone to invent the DRM helmet and make sure that anytime you see anything, you get charged for it.

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