Real Hot desking

My new office desk, dont you love the heat stained look?

Yes i'm in heaven, the sun is out in south London and its hot but breezy. So natrually i dont want to be inside working.
So recently I've been sitting outside on the college benches working in the sunshine. As I talked about in my post sunshine and wireless , things dont get much better than this. The only problem i've mainly had uptill now is screen visability with the sun and battery usage.

But its now solved, with a long extention cable hanging out of the fashion department. Now I can have the screen on full brightness and charge the ipaq without a worry in the world.

The alloy metal of my tabletpc does get quite hot in the noon sun, but isnt so hot it feels uncomfitable to use. Which is actually suprising when you consider i was outside from noon till 2000. 8 hours with a hour break from the sun for a meeting in the hot and sweaty college.

Anyway heres some pictures of the view from my 3g phone.
The view from the front
The view from the left
The view from the right
Weird thing my 3g camera phone does with the lens edges. More reasons to hand it back soon…?

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Digital Shoplifting pictures

Here are some pictures taken from my digital shoplifting in Borders. I was tempted to reduce them but what the hell, sorry to all 56k users. 172k is kinda of large but check out the quality of the shots.

Heard so much about the 3 above, need to read them really.

Looks ok, but the content is told in a nice way. Perfect for lending to friends.

How ironic.

The book i was trying to decide if I should get. About how realitivity and quantium physics are linked in this superstring theory.

Yep and a few programming books which I'll just link to

Apache – the best apache book I found. I want to get rid of iis now and i'm going to install apache 2.0 for sure. This would be a great start…
RSS by Oreilly, maybe a bit out of date but still good

XML-RPC by Oreilly, enough said once again
XML databases – Just what i need to compare xquery to xpath and it has a really decent look at xbase, xlink and xpointer
Wireless security, end to end. Thinking of setting up a radius server on my wireless access point.

I was thinking to myself while posting these, if I could get pop3 to blog working. I would be able to post directly to my blog from my 3g phone.
Now that would be something, maybe this is the outline of mobblogging, but i've only seen mms to blog and java app to blog. Not email to blog.
This gets me thinking again that the motorola phone is more useful than this nec e808. It also does 640×480 pictures I believe? Unlike this piece of crap. Need to do more research into this and quickly before i cant return the phone to 3.

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