Topic maps

Even though I know there not compareable, opml and topic maps. I will use them in simular situations. Or at least write down notes using a outline tool which supports opml then convert them into topic maps.

I'm finding more than ever the need to keep a track of the actual relations between different things. Not just the things themselves.

Good starting points

Getting started with Topic maps's Introduction to topic maps
Company selling topic map software and a free topic map viewer, they also have some ok papers on topic maps. Including topic maps, rdf and other semantic languages

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Art direction vs. design

Zeldman talks about Art direction and design.

Zeldman talks about the message being less important than the design, the product being 2nd to the design. The fact that most of us decorate instead of communicating.
This all comes on the back of talk I've been having with Miles about titles. The designer / developer paradox is what I refer to it as. I for one want to communicate not decorate and clutter.

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