3g blues – Read the fcuking manual

So at long last I got my 3g phone talking to my Tabletpc. And it was so my fault, I was going to external connect rather than data transfer. Come on guys you know that was a honest mistake that anyone would have made.
Anyhow my problems are not over yet. I tried transfering some java files while doing my music for the long trip up to cambridge (dont ask). And it would transfer them fine, but i go to the java app to run one and nothing. It doesnt see a single of them.
Nightmare for sure…

So whats the plan of action? well i'm going to try downloading 3's own java apps to see what there named as. Because i think its as simple as that really. If not, i'll have to into the specs to see what it does and doesnt support.

I have to say this phone is driving me bloody nuts. The battery lasts umm, one day at the most. Hence why 3 put two chargers in the pack. If there was a usb sync cable which also supplied power at the same time then yeah i'll be happy. But oh no, this cable they give you only syncs and nothing else.
Which is damm ignoying because for example i was transfering music (will come on to that in a bit) and it was so slow, but i couldnt leave it o ver night because the battery would die. Yes you guessed it the power and the usb connection are the same port.
But i dont get it because ericsson have been doing this for years and there cables are split. So you can charge the ohone while syncing. Why does nec have to be different? Maybe because there eastern.

Ok good and bad news on media.
It does indeed play music and video from external source which is great but only a selected amount.
Mpeg4 and 3gp on the video front, note it captures up to 12secs of mpeg4 too. And on the music front were talking ogg, 3ga and wma. Yeah what a suprise, no mp3 at all. But I have yet to actually upload any mp3s to it just to check it doesnt do it for sure. Ogg is also a suprise specially alongside windows media.

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