SVG drafts published

Yep its all happening in the svg arena, I kinda of wish I could have gone to svg open 2003 but Vancouver Canada? Would be the envy of the office. Oh and also would never have got my HP 5550 ipaq with pocketpc 2003, if I had gone.

The SVG Working Group has released an updated Working Draft of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.2 outlining potential areas of new work. SVG delivers accessible, dynamic, and reusable vector graphics, text, and images to the Web in XML.
The Working Group explicitly encourages public feedback on this draft. Visit the SVG home page.

I know I will be getting involved in this one for sure.

And also…

The SVG Working Group has released the first public Working Draft of SVG Print. The document assumes the reader is familiar with SVG 1.2, and is a guideline that explains how to use SVG 1.2 features for printing.

Havent yet read this draft, but could be very useful to graphic designs and the print world. Imagine SVG being the format of choice for graphics, illustrations for printed documents.
And why not? This is a area where flash has not gone, and very much douht will go.

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