Digital shoplifting while super drugged

Digital shoplifting while super drugged

Ok I've had a pretty good time walking around Cambridge today. Very Pee'd off that the conference wasnt on, yeah g thanks apple. And I was very tempted to jump on the train back to work. But nope I thought well i spent the time going to cambridge I might as well have a wonder around.

Cambridge reminds me of bath alot. Old building built around a central hub and tiny roads no one can go down. Its got element of Amsterdam with the amount of people on bicycles wobbling all over the place. But I'm not here to bore you about this.

I poped into superdrug mainly to check out the 3g stand 3 have now setup throught-out different stores.
Here in england superdrug is a odd place to put a stand about selling 3g. But I've learned that superdrug and 3 share a parent company, so it all makes alot more sense.

Anyways, yeah I was checking out the stand with these two women on it. The phones were in glass cases and it all looked pretty good for a non pernimant stand. The kinda of quality you expect when you go to a exhitbion.
ok, so 3 have now realeased there 4th phone and its basicly the same as mine but it has no flip and the screen is larger too.

But what they were talking to me about was, if i dont like my phone i can return it within 14 days and get another one. Hummm i thought, maybe i dont like this phone as much as i first thought i would.

So I have choices now, the Nec 606 is the one most people are going for, it does video calling, has bluetooth, and 32meg. Its pretty much like mine but with no keyboard and only 32meg. oh and its smaller of course. But the battery dies like nothing you've ever seen before.
The motorola on the other hand does everything i want, but it has no video calling at all. So i'm missing out on the main reason for 3g if i get that one?
Of course i have the nec 808 already and the 808y seems to be pretty much the same as the 808.

So the question really is, is video calling important to me? If so i should stay with the nec, if not i should go to the motorola.

See at this moment, there is only 2 people i can call on video calling plus the fact its free for me to call, so that makes a big difference in terms of using it. If i had to pay 50 pence a minute to use it, i wouldnt use it straight forward as that. Maybe if it as low as 20p I would consider it. one pound for 5mins of video calling, mmmmm maybe.
So to the greater question, i would say i should change it. But another thing worries me. If i change it, will it take 3 a another 5 months to deliver a phone to me? There is no douht in my mind once i get 3g working as a modem (hoping to do this today) for my laptop, i will be laughing.
It will be basicly free isdn to midband speed internet on the go when ever i want and all for free till October.

But i can do that with the motorola plus it will be bluetooth so i can do the same with my ipaq as well as tabletpc. Now that would be joy for sure. And god help me and my ipaq if they increase the bandwidth to 2meg as umts can support.
The power drain on the ipaq and phone will be stupid. Really stupid…

Ok so digital shoplifting, yes i commited the unthinkable. I went into borders in cambridge sat down in there inbuilt starbucks and masterminded my plan while drinking a strong mocha and laughing to myself in little giggles.

I then went from book to book just taking pictures of the book covers i found interesting. So i can then go on the web and find them. Of course on What did you think i ment?
But seriously i took a picture of the cover and the index page or the page which explains why i'm interested and then wrote a comment on the camera to go with the picture. Now thats a smart feature of the phone. I'll have to check the motorola does that before signing up.
Also need to see if that information is transfered to the pc as is or in another way. would be kinda of cool if it was pushed into the image as metadata or from my point much better if it was a text file with just the same file name.

Anyhow, i did end up buying a book for the grand sum of 20 pounds and not shoplifiting it. so the opposite worked for me. But I did want to do something while i was in the store.
Something which is more like the digital shop lifting you hear about in japan. I wanted to send miles a picture and some text of a book about quantum physics, because i wasnt sure if it was any good or not. Now I could have phoned him, but what a waste of time that would have been for him, specially if he was in the middle of something. Also a long text would have been really long because the front cover said it all. A mms would have been perfect really. Humm maybe theres something good about picture messaging after all.
But back to the shoplifting, the camera dont yet have the storage or the speed yet to do a whole book or even a magazine. Its all about that one thing you need rather than the whole thing.

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