Zeroconf’ed up

At the bottom of that page from the Register was a link about the BluePod file swapping. Now I had heard about it but always dismissed it as rubbish talk. Till I sat down and read it today. I had the idea about bluetooth swapping along time ago, but i'm sure many did. But using ZeroConf Lan aka Rendezvous sounds like a excellent idea. I'm actually quite amazed some of the things Simeda are doing in Bucharest, and cant wait to try out there beta webserver. I have to admit I wasnt the biggest fan of Apple for taking ZeroConf Lan and rebranding it as Rendezvous but actually now maybe they might have kept the standard ticking over, as few others are. I might even go as far as installing it on my machines at home now. Also found a client for PocketPC by Apple of all people. And a Hydra type of application which allows you to share media and clippings over Zeroconf/Rendezvous for PC and Mac called Spike. I'm wondering if I can share media to it from other Zeroconf devices not running spike, from example my pocketpc? Will need to try them out tonight for sure.

I have to say Intel got this right. Its all about servers and clients within the Personal area network, a portable webdav server would be ideal, the best I have is my laptop running IIS in webdav mode or using Davenport.

I installed all the above on my ipaq and machines at home, all is well and I'm enjoying zeroconf now. Just need some more apps to take advantage of it.

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