Airtunes popped

Airpot Express
Get a grip people. Its once again Apple coming in late with a slighly more polished product and once again people will buy it and stroke it wildly till they realise theres a terriable fault or downside.
For those interested Linksys did this ages ago. Not exactly stylish but hey it does the job and does video too. Dlink's more stylish version, hey lets not forget Philips Streamium. Yeah yeah Apple got the link with itunes but seriously who cares when you got a xbms streaming?

I'm also serioulsy douhting the range on the express? If its anything like the Extreme, it will throw PC's off the network every minute. Great news if your streaming music I would say… The other interesting for me is once again Apple have held off on Video? Why?
Could it be because they want to bring out video related products together in one batch, once they made as much money off audio as possible? Not sure. Could it be because they dont know how to? Hummm, dont think so. Or could Apple have something in the wings which few others have thought about? Sound about right. But lets not forget the standard complient iChatAV, the simple only Mpeg4 in quicktime or the nasty battery life on the ipods…

How AirTunes works.

For those wondering if AirPort Express supports MP3, AAC, or any other specific file formats, the answer is no. AirPort Express supports Apple's Lossless Compression technology — and everything that your iTunes streams across the network to Airport Express is compressed using that technology.

Did anyone else think propitery in that quote?

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