Calendaring with ical + webdav

Finally dumped Outlook at home all together, cant dump it at work. Me and my wife are now using Mozilla calendar on our laptops.
Some nice things I've seen while searching for tools to help the transision. outport and project24. Glad to say me and sarah finally have our mozilla ical's syncing using a webdav server (internal for now). Worked out that the private attribute doesnt do nothing and its possible to edit each others calendars if you want to. So the quest now is finding more interesting calendars to share with. Hence the link and of course

The hardest thing now is working out how my pocketpc and smartphone fits into the circle using icals? As far as I can see there is no ical calendar client for the pocketpc or smartphone. I'm just trying out pocket informant which i thought might support more than the standard calendar and tasks applications. But on 15mins observation it looks like it doesnt. So my other options are to find a another one which does or convert the icals via outlook before they sync with the windows mobile devices. Now this sucks because i would have to use windows with outlook 2003 or some converter like outport on 2002/xp. The other thing which I'm going to test soon is using something like Novell/Ximian Evolution or even KOrganizer with a linux equal to activesync. Which hopefully should allow syncing of icals with Evolution and convert them to a format windows mobile devices can understand. Anyone tried this? And also raises the question can you do activesync type connections with Linux? Its a real shame Mozilla dont have time to support any other device besides the Palm.

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