At long last a wifi scanner for the ipaq

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I'm at long last happy, for the best part of a year I've been waiting and waiting for Ministumbler to release a version which is compatable with the new PocketPC 2003 devices which have built in wireless cards. Now I totally understand the author had a terriable time over the last year. So its serioulsy not a beef at him. But I was enlighted today by the fact someone else has took the job forward and created another wifi scanner for the latest ipaqs. This one is and seems a little more daring than ministumbler. The to do list is impressive… It includes a list of the clients connected to a access point, packet sniffer, screen off mode and bluetooth scanner! The last one of course will be awesome for all those london toothers. And honestly a virbration while reading my ebook to let me know theres an open access point isnt a bad idea. Oh by the way ministumbler 4.0 still doesnt work for me. Seems to think theres no access points in my house… While my pocket kensington wifi finder and wififofum see wirelessgarden instantly.

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