Xlink experiement

I've tried to get Xlink working, but bigbrother 5 uk overruled my experiments. Will try again tomorrow. Nice guide on xbmp.org.

Also of use – Xlink Kai Instructions, HOW TO GET UP AND RUNNING and Xbmc + Online Gaming Tutorial, in's and outs of KAI3 support in xbmc!

I also had to cut my streampack experiement short. I now at least know how to setup a stream file. Simply a *.strm file with the url on the first line. MMS and HTTP are fully supported, will try ICY and RTSP later.

Ok its the next day, and I've got it all sorted now. Xlink was not working because my account was not registered, so I registered again and bang were in. So heres how I did it.

Register your XTAG username and password at http://www.teamxlink.co.uk. Then download Xlink Kai: Evo VII. Make sure you've added your username and password to the xbmc config file.

< xlink >
 < username >cubicgarden< /username >
 < password >password< /password >
 < /xlink >

(remove spaces around elements!)
Setup Xlink Kai Evo VII with settings like this. Profile = Engine only, Network adapter = Auto detect and lock, Username = your Xtag, Password = your password, Accept UI connections from = Any IP Address, Dont mess with the ports and finally click launch engine (launch UI on the first go try is a good idea too). Then click OK.

Now launch KAI and login. Thats it… You should be good to go. Enjoy and remember to look for the user cubicgarden.

By the way stream pack is working fine, I was watching French TV today at 56kps. I'm going to try adding tons of links myself to uk radio stations and the television streams. Then submit them to stream pack forum

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