Bluetooth finally hits the underground

P900 with the bluetooth keyboard

People use to call me bluetooth boy, because everything I bought had a bluetooth chip inside of it. My tablet, my ipaq, my phones going back to 1999 with the Ericsson R520m. But I've been a little frustrated by the lame cable replacement type of solutions over the last few years. That was till I saw a couple of things recently.

The first one I heard about a long time ago but its only just come out. And that was in the states and Canada. But it seems Stowaway have sorted out there European resellars. Basicly its a Bluetooth keyboard and it works with everything I have, aka one consistent interface for all my notes, editing, blogs, etc. I could even use it at home if I wanted to. But I douht I will give up my Microsoft Erogonomic keyboard yet. But yes finally I can outline as fast as my laptop on my ipaq. I'm seriously going to buy from the states unless I hear about others soon

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Author: Ianforrester

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