Xlink results – two thumbs up

Xlink Kai: EVO 7 - global network gaming - teamxlink.co.uk

In a follow up to my earlier post about the xlink experiement. I finally got a copy of Topspin for the xbox. I mainly used the KAI client to connect and then just loaded up topspin on the xbox. First time I connected to xbox live and it moaned because it couldnt access it. Then I tried system link in the multiplayer mode, bang it worked. I was able to see someone ready with a game to play. So I joined and I was playing within a couple of minutes. General impression was it was a little slow and the game quitted when I tried to change the camera angle. But the second and so on games afterwards I had were awesome. I'm so tempted to try out the Wimbledom 2004 tournament – shame its now closed now.

I basicly now use Xbox media centre to see if anyone on my contact list is around, then I switch to a KAI if I need to play a game. If there was a way to type in xbmc i would use that instead. Rememeber if you do sort it out, my user name is cubicgarden.

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Author: Ianforrester

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