disagreement [Digital mixing != Vinyl mixing]

They call him the hands

In brief I'm talking about moving digital mixing into a mininorty report style gestural interfaces…

Checking out MICHEL WAISVISZ again. He's one of the pioneers of digital live music, and the human interfaces he uses are so adaptable to digital mixing. He runs Steim. The OIK project will be of interest to all.
See the problem is that vinyl djs is going in one direction while digital mixing could easily go another, but people keep on cloning vinyl djs aka final scratch and the others. The pictures on this site will easily give you an idea of where digital mixing could should go. As mentioned before the key is a beat. Atomixmp3's beat-aware engine is a step forward. Add a hardware midi or ethernet connection with a internet protocal like soap, xmpp or sip and your well away.
Going to add sections to my writing digital mixing. Will be using parts of First STEIM Touch manifestation in 1998 by steim and this question and answer with Waisvisz. No one seems to be talking about multiple layered mixing using 2 laptops or 2 versions of atomixmp3. Also the greater aspects of aggeragation within digital mixing. I also outlined a real example of digital mixing which I'm calling wireless mixing. Maybe blocky might be interested in doing a night based around these real examples? Till I write the piece or do a night…enjoy the pictures.

touch exhibition

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