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I'm going to sort out my Linux box with MythTV sometime this weekend. Spent too much time looking at other posts yesterday night. I looked at my blog where it all started yesterday which passed me on to PVRBlog. Where I see theres a Knoppix cd with MythTV. So i can test out my hardware and make sure it works with MythTV before messing with my debian setup. Other links useful for my experiment into mythTV, mysettop box, Install guides for Linux PVRs and PVR Hardware database. MythTV on the Xbox?

Ok been trying to install MythTV with the Knoppix CD for the last 4-5hours now. Already had my first Kernal Panic simular to Mac OSX. And I'm reinstalling once again for the 4th time. I think my Hard drives are screwed, but I dont fancy swapping hard drives at this time in the morning.

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The future of music, its digital because its remixable…

Warning this record label pays radio stations to keep independent music off the air -

This ties directly into my digital mixing debate in some way, not worth getting into right now. Anyway, I didnt mention anything about the grey album. Shame on me, my mind was too focused on the EUCD I think. Anyway, if you havent heard about it check it out.

But it brings up the old issues of sampling and fair use but this time its war…
With Jay-Z Construction Set, I douht this will die down too soon. Really interesting post about the whole area and how the industry would benefit from the videogame content creation model. Cant help think this links to companys like SonyEricsson encoraging people to produce content while others prefer you only to recieve. Creative Commons also did a huge feature on it and there are still comments coming in on alternatives viewpoints.

My own view is shared with Yoz. I actually remember using the samples on my ST using the mono mastersound sampler. Not saying it was as impressive though.

UK band The Shamen also did this back in 1991 with their single “Progen 91 (Move Any Mountain)”, the CD of which contained most of the raw samples used in the track, calling it a do-it-yourself remix kit. It's more impressive when you bear in mind that they were a pretty popular band at the time and the song was a top ten hit.

Interesting enough Yoz talks about the remixable form of Cory Doctorow's Down and Out In The Magic Kingdom. Oh had fun reading about Dance dance revolution comps going on in London. Another viewpoint on my digital mixing point of view maybe? Need to write the damm post soon…

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