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I'm going to sort out my Linux box with MythTV sometime this weekend. Spent too much time looking at other posts yesterday night. I looked at my blog where it all started yesterday which passed me on to PVRBlog. Where I see theres a Knoppix cd with MythTV. So i can test out my hardware and make sure it works with MythTV before messing with my debian setup. Other links useful for my experiment into mythTV, mysettop box, Install guides for Linux PVRs and PVR Hardware database. MythTV on the Xbox?

Ok been trying to install MythTV with the Knoppix CD for the last 4-5hours now. Already had my first Kernal Panic simular to Mac OSX. And I'm reinstalling once again for the 4th time. I think my Hard drives are screwed, but I dont fancy swapping hard drives at this time in the morning.

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