Casting away

Spent some time today working out icecast to see if it is possible to do a live stream for my copyright vs community lectures. The first one starts this Thursday. I was worried because it seemed like the icecast server would'nt respond to anything. Then I though about shoutcast, and quickly realised that it needs a client/source. In shoutcast it latchs onto winamp using a plugin. So there must be something like that for icecast? Well I was right…

3rd Party Applications – I'm using Oddcast which does a excellent job right inside winamp. Theres also lots of nice tools for streaming under the tool directory. So it looks like I will setup a internal feed using icecast and mp3 using my laptop as a client and some other bigger machine as the server, if I can get dave or miles to install icecast? Maybe theres a case to install a client on the streaming mac powerbook? Should be ok for a ogg vorbis and mp3 stream for the big stallman lecture in may and just mp3 internal for Thursday.

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