Using Hamachi again but on your phone too

In my Windows days I would use Hamachi for my VPN client and server. But when I switched to gnu/linux I attempted to stick with it but got fed up of the weird UI's and lack of stability I was experiencing. So I stopped using it and looked into openswan and other VPN clients/servers solutions. Problem is I never quite got on with those either although I did get as far as having the PTP/OpenSSL option in my networking

Well after months of not using any VPN options at all. I found the ideal Hamachi client for Linux and got Hamachi working on everything including my old download machine and even my phone! Yes you heard me right, I have the same powerful VPN technology on my Windows Mobile phone too. There's not much you can do right now but its working in 0.30 beta form. I found it because I was thinking they've had a Nokia 770 version for ages but why not Windows Mobile? I imagine Android won't be long behind the Symbian and Windows Mobile versions if things go well. Iphone version? Nahh I can't see Steve Jobs allowing that in the Apps store.

Some of you may say why do you need VPN for phones? Well at least with Hamachi, its a direct connection to my machines, so I'm able to for example see how a download is going at home (although to be fair I've also got a XMPP/Jabber bot which does this too). You can't do it yet, but imagine, being able to pull files back and forth over the network, sync and print to the remote printer. Actually these are possible if you've got some web front end on the remote machine right now. I can't even imagine the possibilities if you turn it the other way around and added some core phone API support. VPN into your phone and flip the goodbye forever switch if its stolen? Who knows…

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