Bag of hurt or bag of sh*te?

Television lies

New laptops, yeah yeah who really cares? Well I certainly don't but what I did find interesting was Steve Jobs comments about Blu-Ray after the prep rally. “A bag of hurt.

He's right, its a mess. Although I certainly wouldn't agree with the later comments by some Apple person about iTunes being the best HD movie experience or HDMI being limited in resolution. As far as I know, HDMI 1.3 supports WQXGA which is 1600 progressive, which is 2560×1600 pixels resolution (over 3 mega pixel image)  as supported by the 30inch Dell LCD. Not only that but it supports uncompressed Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio. HDCP is problemantic, but thats just a small subset of the problems with Blu-Ray.

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