Just bought a ticket to the official after party for Web 2.0 Expo

Web 2.0 Expo Europe 2008

The official LateCrunch Party to Web 2.0 Expo, costs roughly 12 pounds, starts at 10pm and ends 4am in the morning. Seems perfect if your planning to catch the easyjet flight (Redeye) back to London at 6am. This also means I'm now committed to going now. Yes I'll be going to BarCampBerlin3, yes I'm going to the conference too. But somewhere in between I need to spend some time with my great german friend Carl who's putting me up at his place during the week. Shame I'll be out most of the time. Anyway i'll make it up to him somehow.

Good on Tim Oreilly too…. Stop building crappy apps and build stuff which changes the world. This is certainly why Backstage and myself finds things like scripting enabled, AMEE and Operation Sleeper Cell really important.

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