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I'm currently making changes to First thing you will notice is the added Anyone else [ blogging it? ] and related pictures? links underneath each post. I've also extended this out to the bookmarks which has related links to instead of By the way for those people asking why I'm using feedster over daypop, technorati and blogdex? Well feedster seems to be much more configurable and exposes more rss than the others, plus it loves Does a much better job than even google. Oh yeah plus its the only one which realises that 80.177.x.x and adrenalin-online.demon.x.x is all part of By the way you may be interested to see how cubicgarden is doing on the blogshare market

So whats it all about? Well I'm still fighting with myself about using external web services for my personal data. Even my personal bookmarks which I dont mind sharing with the world, I cant help but get worried about trusting to a beta service like Flickr I cant trust all my photos with anyway because I got so many and there huge in size (1.5 gig of space used so far) and I'm not paying for flickr to store that. I think the RESTful nature of these services are good enough and passing the title around is a good start. I may start using the metadata feature in Blojsom soon because I want to pass more semantic information than a title around to these services. Ideally I really need to get XSL in between or into VM templates.

The other thing which is changing is, I'm removing myself from the XFN sphere – soon. I never used it and using decent metadata and FOAF I can do a much better job, oh and theres been some debate about XFN's effectiveness. I think if there was a blog (xmlrpc) client which came with XFN built in I would use it much more. I keep looking out for wbloggar 4.0 but its always in beta, I keep thinking I should really 1. find something else which at least supports xhtml 2. runs on the pocketpc2003 os.

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