Late night lectures

Been talking to Yoojin about the possibilies of setting up lectures at Ravensbourne again. Then I started thinking, why not use the internet to broadcast the lectures? I mean, I've been meaning to do something interesting with jabber and the icecast streaming server.

So what I'm thinking is, I do a live lecture as such via my connection over audio while in a chat space of somekind? (maybe using the rave jabber conference rooms?). Or shall i forget the audio aspect and just go for a conference room style chat through out? I think I would prefer that as I could do it from anywhere – allowing me to keep a regular timeline, while not affectig anything at home.

I've also been thinking about using meetup more. My previous experiences have been pretty bad, but maybe there will be a chance to hijack one or create my own which consists of lectures and idea throwing around a pub/cafe environment? I mean do people still go to the london meetups?

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