Skype finally tried and tested

Ok I finally tried and tested Skype, when it first came out I first thought it was another iChatAV, only this time only for Windows. Then over time they brought out a PocketPC version, then a Linux version and now a Mac version. So now I'm thinking well I should at least try it out, I mean I compiled the linux version and installed the beta on my PocketPC but never actually tried it.

Well I'm happy to say it works so well on the PC that I've never heard quality so good. The Pocketpc was also great except the processing power required makes reading links sent via skype-im difficult. If you stay in Skype all is well, but if your for example reading your rss news at the same time then it will get choppy, and it may even crash skype. There is rumours of Skype being ported to Smartphones, but I dont think this will happen till they hit 400mhz processors (SPV2 currently runs at 133mhz). I have yet to try Skype over GPRS but I will try it out tomorrow and see what happens. By the way can I just say that the designers behind Skype are doing a pretty good job.

Skype for PocketPC now available 1.0

I know skype uses some closed P2P system to work, but damm it just works even behind my multiple layer firewall, even file transfer works! Its good that all im chats over skype are secure I still prefer the idea of using something H323 or SIP based but at this moment I will use jabber for IM and Skype for audio chat. If all goes well I may even try there SkypeOut service to call friends in Europe. Reminds me I need to try out the conference feature, as 4 other people at the same time is a huge plus if it works ok.

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