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TV RSS (Television with colour bars)

In my previous blog I made alot of reference to RSS for discovery and Torrents for delivery. Well I was reading my feeds and came across this. It details some interesting developments like Buttress and sorry I have to shout this… how glad am I changed to Linux. Makes me want to install Azureus.

Its a shame the Salon arcticle is locked behind a wall but this eweek arcticle says a lot about the BitRSS idea, made up the name myself.
Very good to see a UK student posting RSS feeds for torrents.

And on the subject of rolling your own reruns, the other day I was watching The 100 Greatest TV Ads on Channel4 and had to change to Spy on BBC 3. Now I wasnt that bothered about the Greatest TV Ads but it would have been nice because Sarah hasnt seen classic ads like the you've been Tango'ed advert. However I wasnt that bothered because I knew someone would post it onto UKNova. And sure enough 2 days later I have the whole 3 hours of The 100 Greatest TV Ads. Roll your own indeed!

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Browse a little happier

Browse Happy logo

I don’t think the site is the best or most original idea in the world but it does once again highlight issues with IE and maybe why we should warn/advise the public about other IE. And empower there browsing experience with better browsers.
I for one never use IE unless I have to in work (Legacy systems, I hate them too). I mainly use Opera and Mozilla if there are issues with cookies. But I've installed Firefox on my linux box and may start using it more and more in replacement for Mozilla. Specially because I love Thunderbird and Mozilla calendar. Yet to try sunbird yet…

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Dodge it mail

I was flicking through some of my feeds today and came across Kevin rose's Dark tips. Thought I'd check out a few of the sites while I was waiting for something else to be done . DodgeIT – free email with no login caught my eye, and I thought this is going to be some rip off mailinator service. But to my great suprise – this one offers RSS as well! Damm, how good is that? I love mailinator but this is so barebones and quick and the rss is the final knife in the heart.

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Dont let this happen to you?

I was browsing around today and found this page for unixness.

This page has been removed because it was being stored on an unliscensed Linux server.

Dont let this happen to you!!

For information on purchasing a SCO liscnese for your Linux server, click here.

For information regarding lower-cost alternatives to Linux, click here.

I'm wondering what the hell? Is this for real or somekind of joke. And if its for real did the ISP upload the page or what? I've never seen this before, anyone else?

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abio comes home at last

my aibo ers210 on my sofa

Just incase you dont know what an aibo is…

“AIBO” is the name given to the Sony entertainment robot. Developed to encourage human and robot
interaction, AIBO creates and introduces you to new pleasures and lifestyles.

The name “AIBO” is coined from the words “A.I. (Artificial Intelligence),” “eye” and “robot.” In Japanese, the word “aibou” means “partner” or “pal.”

First up I have to say a great thanks to John's great girlfriend Hanna from the Twin cities. I will paypal you what I agreed and a little more soon as you email me back. Thanks for John and Sarah for being go betweens, my mother in-law Thelma and her friend (?) who actually brought it with her to London this week, i wish i could have met you in person to thank you again…

I'm already checking out the aibo hacking scene. Control my aibo via my ipaq? Humm I wonder if this will work via a smartphone too? And dont get me thinking about Bluetooth and a aibo! Generation5 looks very up to date and not so spooky as the others. The official guides are also useful of course.

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The Summer Olympics, people downloading it now

This Wired article Let the web games begin. Working at the world service on Friday I recieved a call from a guy in Denmark quite upset he couldnt hear the BBC world service news online. Anyway I quickly realised from others that we were blanking all programmes which could be classed as breaking copyright with NBC. Now this is only my own view, not of the BBC but I can not believe NBC own the rights to all internet broadcasts from inside the Olympic village, how on earth did some a deal get done without anyone questioning it? So in actual fact – if there was an act of terroism in the olympic village (i really hope there wont be), the bbc realisticly could not use video or audio from the olympics online (my own thoughts not the BBC). Even though its a news story not a sports story. This is something else, i think you'd agree?
Anyhow, we (the bbc) officially replied with this official page on Friday lunchtime.

The whole debate over is it technically possible to restrict Internet broadcasts within specific geographic boundaries? is a difficult one, as the internet is not about geographic boundaries and it makes regional seperation questionable. Proxys are very common just like web scraping…

Moving away from Proxys to Bit torrent just like in the wired article. I've already noticed postings of the Olympic Opening Ceremony in Athens, only problem is its not live. And theres some serious demand for live webcasting! Sure some enterprising person with bandwidth and linux video capturing working will setup a proxy and start the cat and mouse game of blacklists and proxies. *Smile* let the games begin indeed…

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Palmtop readable pdf

I wrote a email to Dan Gillmor the other day, thanking him for his great new book we the media, which I am currently reading. I also wanted to ask Dan if it was ok to distribute his book in a different form – aka tagged pdf. I already noticed the book is under the creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 licence, but i thought it would be good to ask anyway.

Anyway Dan's fine, and is interested in the url, maybe so he can post it up with the other derivative versions, like the audio version which is currently being worked on.
And it looks like I was just in time, Danny already asked for a version to read on his pocketpc. Well here it is for all to read. The free culture ebook is also there to download, if you havent read it yet. Oh and if anyones after more stuff to read on there palmtop, check out my little selection of tagged ebooks. Enjoy…

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Upgrade path

Things are looking great on the Torrent scene recently. Dave pointed me at UKNova which is a torrent site just for UK programmes. And its seriously a great torrent site, always full and well updated. Its so good I am considering upgrading my broadband just so I can stuff quicker. The linux change over has put my ati all in wonder card out of order just recently (seems very tempermental, even though the tv feature works now and then). So I cant record my usual uk stuff easily. But theres almost no need with UKNova. In the short period of time I've been using UKNova, I was able to get the new series of Derren Brown all the Spy's up to this date. Theres also Hollyoaks on there but I've kind of given it up recently.

Anyway I'm thinking rather than get TopupTV or Cable TV, I could spend the extra money on a higher bandwidth connection or a second one (cable and adsl into the smoothwall firewall will do the trick). A higher bandwidth connection would also mean I could leave torrents running longer and when I get my all in wonder working again, I could even host my own torrents for shows I've recorded.
All this thinking has made me think about an extra element for xmltv to point at torrents. Which reminds me I need to learn or at least get to grips with Python so I can mess with xbox media centre's more advanced features. I mean I've seen scripts to do everything from email, rss and tv listings to irc download, itunes and webbrowsing. Some sites to pickup scripts from. | |

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Dave’s new setup using the airport express

Been meaning to put this up for a while now. Dave got his Airport Express a few days ago and intergrated it into his setup at home. Thought I would do the same and compare the difference.

How to: Set up WDS like normal (, then stop the Extreme/Main Basestation from doing NAT and set the Express/Remote Basestation to a manual IP address on the same subnet as the rest of the network.

Result/images/emoticons/shocked.gifn my PCs I run Windows/iTunes and GNU/daapd so I can listen to any and all of my illegal bounty throughout the house, and the xbox connects to the net for leet-o thumbnails and weather data, and streams films from a SMB share on said Win/GNU boxen.

Best of all: No holes and cables snaking across the length of the house

My setup is based around my hub which is a simple 10/100 8port hub. The smoothwall firewall protects the network just like in Daves network, but I also put personal firewalls on each workstation and laptop inside the network. I dont have to worry so much about wires because most of my setup is in one room except the wireless access point which sits in the middle of the house, so theres wireless in the garden. The xbox is my main mediaplayer, while I could use the video output on any of my workstations. Xbox mediacentre is too good specially teamed with SMB and XBMS shares on all machines in the network.

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