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TV RSS (Television with colour bars)

In my previous blog I made alot of reference to RSS for discovery and Torrents for delivery. Well I was reading my feeds and came across this. It details some interesting developments like Buttress and sorry I have to shout this… how glad am I changed to Linux. Makes me want to install Azureus.

Its a shame the Salon arcticle is locked behind a wall but this eweek arcticle says a lot about the BitRSS idea, made up the name myself.
Very good to see a UK student posting RSS feeds for torrents.

And on the subject of rolling your own reruns, the other day I was watching The 100 Greatest TV Ads on Channel4 and had to change to Spy on BBC 3. Now I wasnt that bothered about the Greatest TV Ads but it would have been nice because Sarah hasnt seen classic ads like the you've been Tango'ed advert. However I wasnt that bothered because I knew someone would post it onto UKNova. And sure enough 2 days later I have the whole 3 hours of The 100 Greatest TV Ads. Roll your own indeed!

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