Upgrade path

Things are looking great on the Torrent scene recently. Dave pointed me at UKNova which is a torrent site just for UK programmes. And its seriously a great torrent site, always full and well updated. Its so good I am considering upgrading my broadband just so I can stuff quicker. The linux change over has put my ati all in wonder card out of order just recently (seems very tempermental, even though the tv feature works now and then). So I cant record my usual uk stuff easily. But theres almost no need with UKNova. In the short period of time I've been using UKNova, I was able to get the new series of Derren Brown all the Spy's up to this date. Theres also Hollyoaks on there but I've kind of given it up recently.

Anyway I'm thinking rather than get TopupTV or Cable TV, I could spend the extra money on a higher bandwidth connection or a second one (cable and adsl into the smoothwall firewall will do the trick). A higher bandwidth connection would also mean I could leave torrents running longer and when I get my all in wonder working again, I could even host my own torrents for shows I've recorded.
All this thinking has made me think about an extra element for xmltv to point at torrents. Which reminds me I need to learn or at least get to grips with Python so I can mess with xbox media centre's more advanced features. I mean I've seen scripts to do everything from email, rss and tv listings to irc download, itunes and webbrowsing. Some sites to pickup scripts from. http://www.gueux.net/xbmc-scripts/index.html | http://www.xboxmediaplayer.de/cgi-bin/forums/ikonboard.pl | http://www.xbmc.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=15

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Dave’s new setup using the airport express

Been meaning to put this up for a while now. Dave got his Airport Express a few days ago and intergrated it into his setup at home. Thought I would do the same and compare the difference.

How to: Set up WDS like normal (http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=107454), then stop the Extreme/Main Basestation from doing NAT and set the Express/Remote Basestation to a manual IP address on the same subnet as the rest of the network.

Result/images/emoticons/shocked.gifn my PCs I run Windows/iTunes and GNU/daapd so I can listen to any and all of my illegal bounty throughout the house, and the xbox connects to the net for leet-o thumbnails and weather data, and streams films from a SMB share on said Win/GNU boxen.

Best of all: No holes and cables snaking across the length of the house

My setup is based around my hub which is a simple 10/100 8port hub. The smoothwall firewall protects the network just like in Daves network, but I also put personal firewalls on each workstation and laptop inside the network. I dont have to worry so much about wires because most of my setup is in one room except the wireless access point which sits in the middle of the house, so theres wireless in the garden. The xbox is my main mediaplayer, while I could use the video output on any of my workstations. Xbox mediacentre is too good specially teamed with SMB and XBMS shares on all machines in the network.

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