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I wrote a email to Dan Gillmor the other day, thanking him for his great new book we the media, which I am currently reading. I also wanted to ask Dan if it was ok to distribute his book in a different form – aka tagged pdf. I already noticed the book is under the creative commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 licence, but i thought it would be good to ask anyway.

Anyway Dan's fine, and is interested in the url, maybe so he can post it up with the other derivative versions, like the audio version which is currently being worked on.
And it looks like I was just in time, Danny already asked for a version to read on his pocketpc. Well here it is for all to read. The free culture ebook is also there to download, if you havent read it yet. Oh and if anyones after more stuff to read on there palmtop, check out my little selection of tagged ebooks. Enjoy…

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