abio comes home at last

my aibo ers210 on my sofa

Just incase you dont know what an aibo is…

“AIBO” is the name given to the Sony entertainment robot. Developed to encourage human and robot
interaction, AIBO creates and introduces you to new pleasures and lifestyles.

The name “AIBO” is coined from the words “A.I. (Artificial Intelligence),” “eye” and “robot.” In Japanese, the word “aibou” means “partner” or “pal.”

First up I have to say a great thanks to John's great girlfriend Hanna from the Twin cities. I will paypal you what I agreed and a little more soon as you email me back. Thanks for John and Sarah for being go betweens, my mother in-law Thelma and her friend (?) who actually brought it with her to London this week, i wish i could have met you in person to thank you again…

I'm already checking out the aibo hacking scene. Control my aibo via my ipaq? Humm I wonder if this will work via a smartphone too? And dont get me thinking about Bluetooth and a aibo! Generation5 looks very up to date and not so spooky as the others. The official guides are also useful of course.

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