Ecto on Windows

Slipped right past my rader, the windows version of Ecto . Needs the Microsoft .net framework version 1.1 which is a pain but acceptable. Downloaded it myself and tried it out but I can not get it to post a blog entry. I've tried using the MetaweblogAPI and even the AtomAPI but no chance. There seems to be some problem with categories on both API's. Its odd though because the Mac version seems to work ok? The support forum doesnt seem to have much in the way of answers either. So in the meantime wbloggar is what I will use, but I have to say the atomAPI looks pretty tasty.

But for now I still need sort out my blojsom installation, as it seems not to post any blogs I send via xmlrpc. Quite odd. Anyway as said before I'm looking at the meta plugin with more joy, first project I'm thinking is using the Amazon RESTful service and Meta plugin on the bookmarks fill in details on books and films. Need to learn more VM or work out how to run XSL inside of VM?

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