I cant remember where I first heard about this first but I've been meaning to try it out for a while now. Usually I tend to use mailinator.com or now dodgeit.com to create a temporary account which I tend to use again and again as I make the username and password easy to remember. For example today I was trying to get into the guardian.co.uk site and so I tried to setup an account with the email address – guardian@dodgeit.com with the password of password (hehe). But someone had already done it before. So I simply requested the password again, and waited till the guardian sent the email. Easy

But even that can be a hassle, so bugmenot is ideal. Its basicly a huge database of username and passwords which people donate for others to use on registration sites. Good idea, well thought out with plugins and bookmarklets.

The bugmenot official response to the fact there webhost also hosts the neonazi group combat 18.
I've decided that its better to go through the little hassle of using dodgeit or mailinator than to promote the clinical response of freespeech from bugmenot.

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Author: Ianforrester

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