Dont you just love multi language RDF?

The BBC world service has finally commited to delivering RSS 1.0 (RDF) feeds for content syndication. I'm suprised the blogsphere has' not caught on quicker because I wrote automatic discovery into the xsl on Monday / Tuesday and the RSS feeds have been out there for at least 2 weeks now.

I kid you not this is a huge project, to syndicate in over 30 different languages on one site is a worlds first and shows how creative the BBC is as an Corporation. I cant say too much about the future stages of content syndication but other formats are being considered and other options are also being considered. But at this stage all new indexes on the BBC worldservice language sites should be publishing rss. And they should be linked in the html files, using simple feed discovery.
Here's an example of the BBC Indonesia news index in RDF form and the sport section in RDF too. The URL is pretty easy to work out (we adopted a RESTful type URL){language service}/{section}/index.rdf. Feel free to check them out, but be warned this is still in beta and may be withdrawn without notice. If yu want to see more check this aggregator example which will be taken down soon.

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