Synergy raises its head again

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Installed Synergy on my dual screen work pc and development mac. Works so well that one of the designers commeted that …Its like god has come down to earth with this software. What more can I say? I do know I will get a slap down at some point for installing software on a work machine. But seriously theres no douht its worth of the slap because its so damm useful. Just from a ergnomic view, having one keyboard and mouse to control 2 machines is a god sent for sure.

A couple of tips I learn along the way. Use the windows machine as the server, as its quicker, more stable and has a simple gui. And on the mac run the command like this ./synergyc -n MacScreen -f PcScreen. If you try it without the name, synergy will use the rendez-vous name not the mac computer name, and dont forget to run the command on a mac you need to add your ./. Very cool, anyway… Cant wait to add redhat box to the synergy configuration.

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Author: Ianforrester

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