LInux force upgrade

Miles ask me why am I reinstalling WIndows? Is there anything I couldnt do in Linux which I can in Windows? I mentioned a few things like Outlook to talk to my pocketpc and smartphone using Activesync. Lack of ATI all in wonder multimedia drivers as I use my workstation as a PVR. Miles did a Google search string: ati+all+in+wonder+linux+driver and found Gatos. So I really didnt have a leg to stand on.

So Saturday daytime I installed Knoppix on a spare partition using the knx2hd method. But quickly realised that I needed to change the boot process otherwise I wont beable to load linux. Kind of like how I had BeOS a while ago, sitting on a hard drive with no way to boot into it. I browsed around and saw people suggesting a boot floppy but that wasnt good enough. I dont have a floppy drive no longer! So I finally reinstalled knoppix again and this time over writ the master boot record with lilo rather than using windows own booter. And once I uncommented a few lines had a boot option for Windows XP. So these complex guides are overkill.

I'm quite happy with my dual booting GNU/Linux and Windows XP system. Specially when I fixed (with miles help) the network connectivity myself. Just need to install all the usb devices like the pocketpc and card reader then sort out the drivers for the ATI card. And i'm away and laughing… Less Windows usage just around the corner hopefully.

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