Platypus Wiki: a Semantic Wiki Wiki Web

Platypus wiki: the semantic wiki wiki web

I saw Platypus wiki before but wrote it off because blojsom had a wiki plugin. Actually think Poil sent me the link that time. Then quickly realised that the wiki plugin in Blojsom was only so you could input text like a wiki not an actual wiki as to say. I even considered the wiki app is using, because I've quickly realised there is bit of my site which really need a wiki and there are parts which could do with a blog. For example own writing, my mixes and lectures should all be blogs of somekind. While Streaming, calender and Pictures should be a wiki or some kind of application to do with those areas.

Anyway I'm going to try it out tonight, see what it can and cannot do. Will be interested in interchanging data between blojsom, cocoon and platypus. Cant be too difficult if there using rdf. Something really simple like linking definitions in the blog to the wiki would be a nice start. Already thinking of ways to blend in FOAF too.

The day afterwards…
I quickly realised that Platypus wiki will only work on Tomcat 5.x because its using a yet to be ratified Java servelet 2.4 spec for its web.xml. So I downloaded Tomcat 5 and tried it out on my laptop. It actually works quite well. I only scratched the surface but it seemed to generate tons of standard metadata. Miles asked if there was some way of keeping track of all the pages? Like a index I asked? Well I'm not totally sure but I will find out sometime today or tomorrow. I also need to setup my own wiki, rather than use the example wiki. Overall its looking quite good, not sure how it compares to JSP/Wiki with the RSS plugin though…

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Copyright vs community reply

I just wrote a reply to John's email to the college on Friday.

Thank you John,

I would like to say a public thank you to everyone involved.
Miles and John for there support. Harry for running out of the lectures to attend to external visitors. Dave for all his hard work. Most of the Interaction design course for helping out when ever possible, even with project deadlines looming. John for collecting Stallman from Waterloo, Kevin and Roman for there network knowledge and speedy deployment in the face of unreasonable demands. Armin for fighting off a cold to moderate. Lisa for helping out in anyway possible. Adam for helping with the streaming and transporting of equipment. CNDI generally for all there support. And last but not least, to Cathy who allowed the event to go ahead without the draconian restrictions others would have placed on the event.

And to all those who came or tuned into the live streams. As John said it was a major coup for the college that we were able to gather some a line up of international guests.

And it showed because we recieved external visitors from as far as oxford and cambridge universities. It was a shame other departments including marketing didnt get involved because it was a great day for the college and will not be repeated or bettered anytime soon.
The overall turn out was about half ravensbourne students and half external visitors. We also recieved great response from our listeners who tuned in through-out the whole day, even during the breaks. I am still recieving great feedback through my email today.

Copyright is a issue which keeps raising its head in the college and no one really tackles it in the way we did on Thursday 20th May.

Thank you once agin to all involved…

Ian Forrester – BBC worldservice new media

The archived streams will be up some this week or next week. Keep an eye on for more information and feeback

> Hi All
> i just thought you all should know that yesterdays lecture series
> “Copyright vs The Community” was not only successful and informative
> but went off without a hitch. This was due largely to the efforts of Ian
> Forrester, late of this org but now with the BBC.
> This was an event that is unlikely to be repeated anywhere ever again.
> To get the likes of Fravia, Richard Stallman & Cory Doctorow together
> for one event would be cosiddered a coup for a major international
> event.
> Once again many thanks to Ian for his efforts.
> regards to all
> john

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