London Bloggers getting together [attended & enjoyed]

Ok I hope to write something here really soon about the event last wednesday. Till then check out the photos of the event, as I didnt bring my camera and it was too dark for my smartphone. I am not happy with that photo of myself. I mean any shot but not when my mouth is wide open please.

I left work at about 19:10 and made my way up to the meeting place through convert garden. On the way I read that Moveable type 3 was out and thought…who cares? Obviously I'm not a MT user and dont really care too much. I think David sums it up best. If you're abandoning moveable type 3.

Anyway back to the event. I got there about 19:30 and got a drink straight away, well actually someone else bought me a shark. If I could remember who it was I would credit them here. Then got talking to Seyed Razavi. I never knew who he was so just chatted generally about alot except actual blogging. My memory gets a little hazy about then. I remember seeing most people run towards Cory when he dropped in. I did shake his hand and he seem suprised that I was the Ian who's been writing to him for the last few months.

I sat with another celeb blogger PixelDiva. I tend to read her blog on and off and did tune in to her spot on Radio 4 a while ago. I'm glad to hear she was very down to earth and very chilled out about the whole radio show. I met lots more people, too many to mention. Ambalance driver who blogs his days, need to find that site! Didnt talk to Tom coats, he was too busy surrounded by a group of people all the way through the event. Missed Annie who won a blogging award for her site. Honestly I never seen the site till recently and thought why would it be interesting? then actually got kind of hooked and thought about doing a simular thing myself about people using technology. Sure I'll catch a few people toothing but I've seen some very interesting uses of technology while going to work everyday.
Other people worth mentioning include a student from Westmister college who understood the whole teaching and learning issue to the T. He actually mentioned Learning about learning while I talked about educational blogging. A guy who was working on a system to rate music, I suggested using metadata in blogs and looking at the slashdot methods. And all the people who stayed till midnight… Good night all round when's the next one James.

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