Exploring Friend of a Friend RDF

I'm finally finding time to explorer the possibilies of Friend of a friend through this article on xml.com. Just created my own basic FoaF rdf for myself, looking at how to link myself to other people. I keep meaning to do more research on this whole area for ages but kept putting it off till now. Didnt realise there was a foaf-a-matic, using that now. Foaf-a-matic 2 looks like a good move, would be nice to adapt it to the pocketpc as well as the desktop.

I also in the back of my mind, I keep wanting to use the XHTML friends network but never have the site to hand when typing away. How does this fit with FOAF? and why are certain values not available? I'm very sure Xhtml meta data profiles are not as good as FOAF. Maybe I should use the XFN creator more often.

But back to FOAF. I'm quite amazed by the simplicity of foaf and the great lengths of data you can put into foaf. I mean looking at this page which describes what can go into a foaf rdf schema.
foaf:myersBriggs – A Myers Briggs (MBTI) personality classification. foaf:jabberID. foaf:geekcode A textual geekcode for this person, see http://www.geekcode.com/geek.html. foaf:weblog are just a few of the more interesting ones.

I've now completed my FOAF for now. And added links to it on every blog page. I have to say this is also a really good introduction into rdf just like RSS 1.0 because it has an outcome and tools already built so you can see the results of it.
Friend of a friend logo

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Copyright vs Community

This weeks NTK says it all

And following on from next week's ID card event semi-frenzy –
you wait all year for a hard-hitting look at copyright
extensions, and then 4 or 5 of them come along at the same
time. RICHARD STALLMAN, as ever, is responsible for some of
the most uncompromising anti-IP positions, starting with the
COPYRIGHT VS COMMUNITY event (from 11am, next Thu 2004-05-20,
Ravensbourne College, 20 mins from London, nr Elmstead Woods
station, Kent, free as in “Don't sign up, just turn up”, the
site advises), also featuring “cosmic” websearcher FRAVIA and
the (relatively) down-to-Earth EFF Outreach Co-ordinator CORY

I think that square is top of cool shape in the world. What on earth is NTK on about?

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Toothing becoming popular

Sarahs American friend Birch keeps me updated on the toothing craze going on in London. Bizarre because I obviously live in London but avoid turning my bluetooth devices onto discoverable due to the blue snaffing flaw. Anyway I'm usually stuck in a ebook with my headphones on most of the time to be thinking about replying to any text messages.

The interesting thing about the last article Birch sent was the commercial aspect of toothing.

Dario Betti, of the British-based consultancy Ovum, said bluejacking had really taken off, helped by the fact the service was free. The element of the unknown, that you are connecting to someone around you that you might not know, it's a novelty factor that is helping it to start, he told Reuters.

I'm already starting to imagine toothing in bars and clubs. Not quite sure how money can be made of toothing quite yet. But maybe there might be something to be made about getting people together. Ah got an idea… What about meetup to get people together of a simular interest but in places like trains and tubes. Then the toothing can take place. For example meetup on the Bromley south to Victoria via Beckenham. Toothers can then move from carrage to carrage looking for others with bluetooth discovery till victoria where the public toilets or bars await. Those who couldnt wait will end up else where…

I'm also thinking about flashmobbing with toothing for slow but emerging crowd flocking. Sure smartmob's Howard Rheingold must have thought about it before.

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