Copyright vs Community

This weeks NTK says it all

And following on from next week's ID card event semi-frenzy –
you wait all year for a hard-hitting look at copyright
extensions, and then 4 or 5 of them come along at the same
time. RICHARD STALLMAN, as ever, is responsible for some of
the most uncompromising anti-IP positions, starting with the
COPYRIGHT VS COMMUNITY event (from 11am, next Thu 2004-05-20,
Ravensbourne College, 20 mins from London, nr Elmstead Woods
station, Kent, free as in “Don't sign up, just turn up”, the
site advises), also featuring “cosmic” websearcher FRAVIA and
the (relatively) down-to-Earth EFF Outreach Co-ordinator CORY
I think that square is top of cool shape in the world. What on earth is NTK on about?

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