Live streams for Copyright vs Community event

Cant leave your machine to listen to the lectures?

Listen right now… – for the ogg vorbis stream (prefered) – for the mp3 stream

Some of the referals on the day and the day before… – found a more palmtop accessable version of NTK? – Wow, can someone translate? Lycos can.

Hello to all, I invite to you to watch this link: One beautifulst conference to the
standard of the defense of the digital freedoms them. I go to us with
a group of friends, excused if I have it marked with a little delay,
but they are enrolled to me only now – Someone from Fravia's site jumped to without a link?
A few people came from my own blog pages which is useful to know
The link on free london list worked a treat –
Yahoo and Google bots were all over the site, hence – and
Jeeves/Teoma and MSN also got into the action by the way…
Thanks Nico –
Thanks David –
Thanks Louise –
Thanks Harry –

Got a few referes via
We hit indy media –
And of course NTK was the main referer page – and unexpectly – Thanks for that.

What on earth is this?$6153

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