Velocity and Servlets

Still trying to get my head around Velocity and its amazing possibilites. Specially when considering joining velocity with cocoon. It shoud mean I can tap into some nice jar files for example reading icals, pdfs and images. Then turning them into some kind simple tree structure for cocoon to consume happly.

As most of my students keep on bugging about teaching PHP. I will kind of explain why VM or Velocity is the way forward and ever so different from JSP and PHP. Actually no need, its all done for me. Velocity Design. JSP vs VM, explains really well. Still cant find anything about L though. On the otherside its well worth checking out Java servlets, its the reason why I keep recommending Java servers to people. Resin, Jetty, Jboss and Tomcat in that order… Well worth reading the story behind Jboss, I dont agree with alot of it but its an interesting read anyway if quite long. Also come on guys theres a reason why Sun, IBM, Netscape, ATG, Apache, etc support Java servlets…

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