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I was flicking through seblogging when I found this interesting web service via this post.. It is described as…

Your Online Filing Cabinet for Useful Web Pages Furl is a new web browsing tool that lets you save and organize thousands of useful web pages (you know, the ones you want to save for future reference but then can never find again) in a personal “web page filing cabinet”.

Once saved, you can effortlessly find any page again later using a powerful full text search tool. With Furl you can forget trying to save and organize dozens of bookmarks, forget saving web pages to your desktop, in fact forget everything except how to find a useful web page again next time you need it.

As Sebastian Fiedler rightly points out, the interesing thing is that you can fiddle with the rss feed it gives off. So this will basicly do what my bookmarks page does already but with a little xsl can be tightly intergrated into anything. I'm thinking about for example a reading list of not only books but websites for my students. Or with a little aggeragation you could pull together a couple lecturers or even students favourate sites into one feed. Nice.

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