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Ok so this is something I've been meaning to blog for a while now.
I've been going to the meetups in London, and I've got mixed feelings about the whole thing. First up its very american rather than european as we bump into people all the time.

I went to 3 different meetups over last week, graphic designers in vibe bar, wifi in the media club and webdesigners which was in the best venue to date. So, quickly because its getting late…

_Graphic designers_ – no one else turned up and spent all the time asking people if they were part of the graphic designers meetup with friend dave. Left one hour later.

_Wifi_ – meet a interesting guy from india, who runs a business from there where he gets uk businesses coding done over there for a cheap. Specialises in tradional webservices. Needs designers, meeting up at college tuesday to talk about students working for him. Could be good for both parties.
Meetup was crap otherwise, left one hour later. What a silly place to have a public meetup? A private bar! Well done. Spent 10mins outside thinking of ways around the security guard.

Odd police presence afterwards though, wonder what that was all about. Will need to check bbc site later. About 3 police cars 2 bikes and a unmarked police car surrounding the media club block.

_webdesigners_ – Odd location down and around Angel station. Up 2 flights of stairs. Nice venue shame about the guys toilet, very cute bar lady. Anyway, no wireless in the area which was a shame and were going to leave about 1947, when Lucas turns up and sees the laptops on the table and I must have though, "Yep those two must be webdesigners".

Anyway, yeah we had a good old natter about everything web related and swapped email addresses 2 hours later. Cool guy from Argentina just moved over from Miami, sure I'll be seeing more of him soon, which would be good.

Theres a bloggers meetup this wednesday in Waterstones – Picadilly of all the places to have a meetup. Well at least its public and wont shut till 10pm.
I'm undecided if I'm gonna go or not.

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