Opie (Open Palmtop Integrated Environment)

The question of what I do with my old compaq 3630 ipaq still bothers me. I cant just sell it as I wont get much for it and I would rather make sure it makes a difference to someones life than sell it. As such…

Anyway I found something to do with it. Thanks Infosync. Install Opie Linux on it.

So I did.

Its alot of hassle to put opie on the ipaq, but if you follow the instructions to the T it works fine. The scarey part was when you first boot up the ipaq from cold and it sits there booting up opie without much feedback. Anyway it all looks good now.

When you start up opie the screen is a little low res and it flickers a bit, but my old ipaq screen wasnt the best anyway. Looked at the updated packages and downloaded a few bits and bobs like web server, samba server, etc. To note it doesnt support 3com wireless cards, but it liked the oroncio and compaq cards. Never had a chance to read the opie user manual till now.

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At last a update to exist

I was wondering if the open source xml database exist was dead? Well it seems no, there was a 0.92 update a few days ago on the 11th August 2003. Seems the biggest feature is XUpdate

xmldb's xupdate information page. Yeah just as though, xupdate will allow you to modify xml data on the fly though a query, just how you do with sql. I also believe you will be able to change xml structures using xupdate too? Yep the xml schema is gonna be more inportant than ever before if that is the case.

The future plans of exist look interesting too.

XML schemas
An existing XML schema could be used to control the indexing process. Currently, it is only possible to exclude or include selected nodes from the fulltext index.

Stored procedures/Constraints
I would like to enhance the pre- and postprocessing features of eXist, probably by using concepts similar to Cocoon. Each collection could have a collection configuration document, which defines how to process documents.

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