Ups and downs of my ipaq

Recently, my new ipaq has been giving me the metaphorical lip. First of all the sd card started playing up, but it was odd becasue the sd card worked fine but only a few applications picked it up. One of those was pocket music, but others like word, pocketstreets, etc didnt. Some like Pocket MVP saw the sd card but only because they were using the extented file selector. Trust me all this was a pain to say the least.

Anyway, so moving. The biomentric finger scanner doesnt scan too well when its hot or hummid so the pin option was being used during the heat wave.

Then over the weekend the wireless packed up! That was the last straw, i took the battery off the back and replaced it 30 secs later. And believe it or not the wireless came back? Also I put 0 byte file called ignore_my_docs on the sd card and seriously it now works fine. Odd piece of hardware!

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