A review of last years resolutions 2013

As usual I like to do these look back and look forwards on eve of another new year. Looking forward should be the next post and looking back should be my new year resolutions of 2013.

As you can already see, things radically changed for me. I’m no longer with Laura and I believe shes found somebody else. Of course I wish them lots of joy and happiness in their future. Anyways on with the list…

  1. Ask less for permission, beg more for forgiveness
    On a whole I started to do this but then I got put in a team where I did need to ask more permission. I feel like I sometimes get the name rouge and rebel simply because I get things done without really asking permission. As I pointed out to my new manager, I’m a bit of a nightmare to micro manage. Best to not do it.
  2. Think more from the heart and less from the head
    This one kinda didn’t really see much progress on. Its hard but I did make some decisions which I wouldn’t normally go with but honestly nothing much happened to write home about. May have to rethink this one in the future.
  3. Play more social games
    Yes I can certainly tick this one off, a monthly and healthy werewolf game in the northern quarter is now a stable part of what happens in my life. I would like to extend the werewolf a little more but thats for later.
  4. Drink only when they serve decent cocktails or wine I actually like
    Yes this has started to happen. Over 2013 I was drinking cranberry juice  or cranberry with a shot of vodka when I didn’t trust the bar to serve a decent cocktail. This can be seen as snobby specially the wine selection but I’m kind of over that now. If I choose not to drink the wine or cocktails thats up to me.
  5. Go to a new part of the world
    Didn’t happen… but I did get the scooter on the road and explored the Pennies
  6. Do a budget
    I tried but and somewhat succeeded but honestly I won’t be doing it much more. Lloyds have a pie chart thing which points to where you are spending the most money. Its not really a budget but I found training this much more useful than a budget.
  7. Bake a cake
    For year this has sat on the list but still hasn’t happened. Heck I even had suggestions from friends and family on what I should bake. I just need to set aside some time and do this.
  8. Be fitter and heather
    I can happily say this is certainly happening. Playing Volleyball 3x a week and trying to fit in Basketball when I feel up to it. I know my sister would say, you got to do different types of exercise but I really enjoy Volleyball and its draw does get me going. For some people its working out the gym but for me its team sports like Volleyball. I was part of 2 teams but gave one up because the level was too high for me.
  9. Call out stereotyping, bullying and social engineering
    People certainly don’t like it when they are called out for such things. I mean some of the reactions I’ve gotten is quite shocking. It did seem like I was trolling them but with the change of tone of voice, it doesn’t come across so heavy. Just this week I was social engineered into going to work on my day off. Of course I changed the day off to a half a day but I called it. Peer pressure and social engineering
  10. Wound up and trolled
    I’d say I’m spending less time engaging with the trolls and being wound up. There will always be those who keep going but haters are going to hate, nothing new there.
  11. Do a cocktail mixology course
    I did a couple of these over the year, some were good some were questionable. But honestly none were noteworthy. Well I say that but the Dockbar (Media City Piazza) offered cocktail making for 5 pounds and you got to make 3 drinks. As this was the first time they had done this, I was the only taker and I got one on one supervision.
  12. Roller Coasting
    Yes my pleasure and joy, this year I got the pleasure of going to Thorpe Park but the upset of missing out on riding Alton Tower’s Smiler coaster twice! First time they moved the opening date to May from April. Then the week of the smiler opening I was ill, but to add a cherry on the injury, some friends went and they didn’t even go on the smiler!! You know next year is going to include a ride on the smiler!