A review of last years resolutions 2013

As usual I like to do these look back and look forwards on eve of another new year. Looking forward should be the next post and looking back should be my new year resolutions of 2013.

As you can already see, things radically changed for me. I’m no longer with Laura and I believe shes found somebody else. Of course I wish them lots of joy and happiness in their future. Anyways on with the list…

  1. Ask less for permission, beg more for forgiveness
    On a whole I started to do this but then I got put in a team where I did need to ask more permission. I feel like I sometimes get the name rouge and rebel simply because I get things done without really asking permission. As I pointed out to my new manager, I’m a bit of a nightmare to micro manage. Best to not do it.
  2. Think more from the heart and less from the head
    This one kinda didn’t really see much progress on. Its hard but I did make some decisions which I wouldn’t normally go with but honestly nothing much happened to write home about. May have to rethink this one in the future.
  3. Play more social games
    Yes I can certainly tick this one off, a monthly and healthy werewolf game in the northern quarter is now a stable part of what happens in my life. I would like to extend the werewolf a little more but thats for later.
  4. Drink only when they serve decent cocktails or wine I actually like
    Yes this has started to happen. Over 2013 I was drinking cranberry juice  or cranberry with a shot of vodka when I didn’t trust the bar to serve a decent cocktail. This can be seen as snobby specially the wine selection but I’m kind of over that now. If I choose not to drink the wine or cocktails thats up to me.
  5. Go to a new part of the world
    Didn’t happen… but I did get the scooter on the road and explored the Pennies
  6. Do a budget
    I tried but and somewhat succeeded but honestly I won’t be doing it much more. Lloyds have a pie chart thing which points to where you are spending the most money. Its not really a budget but I found training this much more useful than a budget.
  7. Bake a cake
    For year this has sat on the list but still hasn’t happened. Heck I even had suggestions from friends and family on what I should bake. I just need to set aside some time and do this.
  8. Be fitter and heather
    I can happily say this is certainly happening. Playing Volleyball 3x a week and trying to fit in Basketball when I feel up to it. I know my sister would say, you got to do different types of exercise but I really enjoy Volleyball and its draw does get me going. For some people its working out the gym but for me its team sports like Volleyball. I was part of 2 teams but gave one up because the level was too high for me.
  9. Call out stereotyping, bullying and social engineering
    People certainly don’t like it when they are called out for such things. I mean some of the reactions I’ve gotten is quite shocking. It did seem like I was trolling them but with the change of tone of voice, it doesn’t come across so heavy. Just this week I was social engineered into going to work on my day off. Of course I changed the day off to a half a day but I called it. Peer pressure and social engineering
  10. Wound up and trolled
    I’d say I’m spending less time engaging with the trolls and being wound up. There will always be those who keep going but haters are going to hate, nothing new there.
  11. Do a cocktail mixology course
    I did a couple of these over the year, some were good some were questionable. But honestly none were noteworthy. Well I say that but the Dockbar (Media City Piazza) offered cocktail making for 5 pounds and you got to make 3 drinks. As this was the first time they had done this, I was the only taker and I got one on one supervision.
  12. Roller Coasting
    Yes my pleasure and joy, this year I got the pleasure of going to Thorpe Park but the upset of missing out on riding Alton Tower’s Smiler coaster twice! First time they moved the opening date to May from April. Then the week of the smiler opening I was ill, but to add a cherry on the injury, some friends went and they didn’t even go on the smiler!! You know next year is going to include a ride on the smiler!

My Top Films for 2013


Its been a interesting year for films. The time between cinema and download seems to have shorten and some films surprised even me. I didn’t include Prisoners, World War Z, This is the end, Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and many others.

  1. Trance
    I can’t tell you how great this film is. Its smart, quick and emotionally something I didn’t expect. All the characters are sharp and the sound track is up there with the best. I would go as far as to say, the film is like being in a trance, the way parts keep jumping in and out.
  2. Cloud Atlas
    Although officially it came out for most of the world in 2012, it didn’t hit the UK till Feb 2013. I have seen this film so many times and it still has emotional depth and a sharp storyline.
  3. Now you see me
    After watching the fight of the Prestige vs the Illusionist. I thought I’d had enough of magicians on the big screen. But I like what happens in Now you see me. 4 magicians working together and a twist which I didn’t believe could work. Plenty of replay value.
  4. Gravity
    I watched this at 2330 in IMAX 3D and was simply blown away. I never like 3D movies but all that space, just worked with the 3D effect.
  5. The Great Gatsby
    I didn’t know much about the Great Gatsby, so the whole story was brand new for me. And what a story it turned out to be. Not only that the cinematography and art direction was up there with other Baz Lurman movies.
  6. Oblivion
    When I first watched this film I was not impressed then I watched it again weeks later and started to enjoy it more and more. Once again Tom Cruise who I’m not a massive fan of but he’s a bloody good actor. Good idea well executed and even watchable again and again.
  7. Fast & Furious 6
    I didn’t expect to enjoy this much but I remember me and Jude decided over Pizza we were in a hollywood smash mood and decided to watch it instead of a range of other movies at the time. Fast 6 didnt disappoint. Very action packed, but a nice heist along the lines of Takers. Fast 6 certainly has found its niche and if fast 7 does what it promises, we’re in for more action packed heisty fun.
  8. Upside Down
    Maybe less well known that the others. The context is explained in the first 3mins and the rest of the story is a traditional love story. What makes it special is the theming, characters and cinematography. Each scene looks a lush and I’m glad I gave it a chance.
  9. Pacific Rim
    Like Fast 6, pacific rim has a simple story to tell. Massive Monsters (Kaiju) vs Massive Jaegers. Nothing more complex that devastation and carnage.
  10. Man of Steel
    I was disappointed with Man of Steel. I felt Nolan and Snyder would be great, but it seems Synder took the reins in the first of the trilogy. Don’t get me wrong I love Snyder’s cinematography and art direction a lot. But Sucker Punch and 300 holds nothing against Inception and The Dark Knight.

New years resolutions 2013

Laura and Ian

Following my review of last year and the year before… here’s my New Years Resolutions for 2013

Worth pointing out its amazing I’m seeing in 2013 and with a lovely lady, who knows what might happen?

  1. Ask less for permission, beg more for forgiveness
    I tend not to do certain things because I’m unsure how it will be perceived but to be honest almost every-time I take some initiative and just do it, things work themselves out (in most cases). So I’m going to trust my gut more often and go with it.
  2. Think more from the heart and less from the head
    I can be very level headed in certain situations and I can be seen to hold back quite a lot (which is in conflict with my open style) But I’ve noticed there are moments and stages in life when you do need to just roll with them and not apply a level of analysis to them. I won’t say what things…
  3. Play more social games
    I’ve pretty much every year I say I’m going to play more and its not happened again… So this year I’m  going to play more social games like Werewolf. I’m setting up for once every month in the northern quarter with Larkin About starting Feb 6th.
  4. Drink only when they serve decent cocktails or wine I actually like
    Had it with crappy cocktails, so now I’ll switch to drinking Smirnoff ice or some simple mixer. Frankly I’m shelling out too much money on cocktails which are not worth the amount they are charging. Cocktails which pass my lips in 2013 will be decent ones worthy of my money. No more crap…
  5. Go to a new part of the world
    Got to I still want to go to Japan, Korea, China, etc but who knows if I’ll get there this year but in the meanwhile I’m going to go somewhere else in the world. Hopefully this might also fit with my long term aims to see the northern lights
  6. Do a budget
    Got my spending down but now’s a good time to do a budget and get stuff sorted. But at the same time I want to be able to spend less time organising and filing stuff. I’m actually angling to be clear of one of my credit cards by the end of the year.
  7. Bake a cake
    This is a follow on from last year. In 2013, I’ll bake a Banana loaf and maybe even a Victoria sponge. BBC R&D is in for a treat this year (or won’t know what hit them)
  8. Be fitter and heather
    Been consistently loosing weight at a slow pace but I do need to do more exercise. I’m hoping to find more of the things I like doing including volleyball in the next year. I’ve been consider a lot of what happens in the QS (quantified self) world and eying up the FitBit Ultra as it seems just open enough to do interesting things and work with my setup. My family got me enough Amazon credits to buy one which is great.
  9. Call out stereotyping, bullying and social engineering
    Last year I said “Don’t settle for mis-information and totally bogus arguments” which caused me to seem very argumentative which isn’t what I really wanted. I feel this is better focused on three aspects of communication. Stereotyping, bullying and social engineering. I found in the past, just indicating that you know what there trying to do is enough, so I’ll simply call it when I spot it.
  10. Wound up and trolled
    Its stupid and I do wish some people would grow up, but at the same time… I enjoy shuffling the trolls with some troll-baiting. However I’m going to do less to feed the the trolls (for what it helps). This doesn’t mean I won’t stop doing what I do and calling out stuff but expect less engagement with the trolls.
  11. Do a cocktail mixology course
    Its got to be done! Such great places near by and they all do mixology courses pretty cheaply if I get Laura and a few friends together.
  12. Roller Coasting
    I LOVE rollercoasters and although I do want to join a rollercoaster club again, I just don’t have the time. However I will go to Blackpool, Alton Towers and Thorpe Park this year… Maybe expect a Birthday weekend special?

I’m using Schemer to track most of my aspirations and new years resolutions, which I’m still liking and think is a great social network…

Here comes the year of making love…

Yes when you thought it couldn’t happen, here it is on the promo for BBC Three’s 2013 season (need to be in the UK sorry).

As things gear up for next season, it will be interesting to see whats changed. Seems Fevermedia haven’t quite got up to speed yet. Their last post is STILL seeking people to take part in June.

There’s been a number of comments on the unofficial Facebook group, theres little to no more information on Digital Spy but a bit more at the BBC press office.

The lack of interest and push indicates to me, this show will go down without any major fan-fare or flames. Maybe the BBC will think again before entering the world of dating and love? Got to say, it might pass without any real comment. Which isn’t a bad thing because we all (including Fevermedia) frankly rather forget what happened…