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From the Asda dating site via Tim Dobson,

Forget speed dating, supermarket dating is where it’s at.

Research reveals the supermarket has overtaken the pub and the internet as the nation’s number 1 spot to find love.

Supermarkets have always been a great way for singles people to meet.

So it makes sense that if you’re now shopping online for your groceries, why not find love online too?

Heard the idea of supermarket dating a while back but I’m not convinced. Can I also add that if I was going dating in a supermarket, it certainly wouldn’t be Asda, even though there is one just up from me.

Without sounding like a snob, can you even imagine what kind of people you would bump into? When ever I’ve personally gone into Asda, I’ve been frankly a little shocked at the people walking around. It might just be the prices but to be fair I’m looking for a lady who understands its not about getting the cheapest price of food. Quality costs…

Can you imagine going supermarket dating in Aldi or Lidi? I’m sure the cheap prices has a effect on the type of people who will go in there. However there are isolated cases like Manchester central where supermarket dating could actually turn up a whole bunch of young, lovely and beautiful women.

I imagine the inner city Sainsburys local and Tesco Metro’s would be a great place to meet such young and lovely ladies.

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